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Bertran tch'Jones-Kitrar - Reporting in November 27th 2023.
« on: November 28, 2023, 12:24:25 am »
Character Details

Character Name: Commander Bertran tch'Jones-Kitrar
Character Age: 27
Character DOB: 2364
Character Image:
Character Species:  Hybrid (Human/Andorian)
Gender: male   (both thaan and chen)
Character Family:
Father:  Human  Alfred Stephan Jones  (former Earth's Ambassador to Andoria)
Mother:  Andorian  Zeriat sh'Kitrar  (former Andorian Imperial Guard)
Mother:  Andorian  Thessia zh'Irannoss  (doctor)

Character Bio:

Bertran is the product of Andorian genetic engineering.  Human DNA was altered just enough to be able to fully fertilize with both the thaan and chan components, an Andorian egg.

Alfred never imagined when he left Earth for the stars that he would be one of those daring few that would find interspecies romance so appealing.  He fell in love with Zeriat sh'Kitrar, an Andorian Imperial Guard assigned to watch him.  Even less anticipated was that she would return those feelings. 

Yet their love at first was deemed forbidden since it could produce no offspring.  If that's what it would take to be able to be with Zeriat, Alfred spared no expense in having the best minds on Earth come up with ways that HE could be a part of Zeriat's bondgroup. 

2 years later, Bertran was born. 

Bertran was doted on by his biological mother and father, as well as by his birthing mother. He was often teased for having only one father but Alfred would explain to him that they only did so because they were jealous that they would need to bondgroup in the future to have children, while he would not - he carried both the thaan and chen DNA needed to propagate another generation.  It was possible that he was the salvation of his people.

Bertran was raised on Andor for the first 10 years of his life, then his father's term as Ambassador was over and he was reassigned to Earth.  Zeriat believed it would be a good experience for the boy to be exposed to other species and cultures so it was that the family moved to Earth.  There Bertran discovered his uniqueness on Andor was not so unique on Earth.  Hybrids abounded, especially in Starfleet.

When he turned 18, his mother's people's law required that he take part in the Andorian Military - he served there for 4 years.  At which time, most of his fellow Andorians were being invited to Sheltheths to form bondgroups to carry forward their species as they remained fertile only a short period of time.   Yet the doctors that studied him said that Bertran would likely remain fertile into his 40's or 50's, so he didn't feel the same biological NEED to have an offspring quite yet.  Besides which Bertran didn't want to have a child outside of love, so has never joined a bond group.  He's waiting for the right woman.. women?

After he finished serving his time with the Andorian Military, Bertran turned his attention to his real goal - joining Starfleet to eventually gain a command.  After the Academy, he started his career in Security, as his time in the Andorian Imperial Guard guaranteed him success.  After a year, and a promotion to Lieutenant, he has transferred to Flight where he hopes to gain a different sort of experience.
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