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Post of the Month - June 2021
« on: September 06, 2021, 09:25:07 pm »
Summer 2021 has been hectic for many of us here as such perhaps it is forgivable that this announcement is so late in being posted (though I am happy to see that Captain Solluk did have it noted on his sims WaR board).  However as this is a site wide award, I am pleased to post here the selection for Post of the Month for June 2021, written by Cat Goodspeed.

Congratulations Cat!

Katra Station - Corridor outside Conference Room

Keep calm... Keep calm.

Cat punched her com badge  =/\="This is Goodspeed to anyone in main engineering.  Report!  What's working and what isn't! I need info STAT! =/\=

Keep calm... Keep calm.  Cat kept trying to repeat this mantra as if it would actually  help.

 =/\=Chief!  This is Gus!  We can't access the main core room.  Systems failed, we couldn't eject core! All doors are fused.  Turbos off line. Environmental systems offline. Fire system off line.  We are dead in the water Chief!  Consoles non functioning. Using PADDS!  See if you can grab one!  What's your status Chief, over! =/\=

Cats face went as white as her hair  =/\=Crap!  What IS working Gus?!  I'm in the corridor outside the conference room free floating! Explosion there as well. We got done in good Gus!  We NEED Environmental and fire systems online as a priority. DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT get the antigrav online yet.  We have too many floaters, may cause more deaths or injuries.   I'm on my way to the EPS room on deck 4...  See what I can reroute from there.  Have  a couple of people meet me there whoever is nearest.... =/\="

Cat began to push herself along the corridor as fast as she could muster

 =/\=Chief??  Chief?? How you getting there? Turbos and doors are fused =/\=

 =/\=For Gods sake Gus, jeffreys tubes man!  Use the jeffreys tubes!  Pull up the stations schems on the PADDS.  We have a whole network like a rabbit warren.  We can pull ourselves though or use your bloody legs like a frog and push yourselves.  I'll meet you there! Oh and get them armed!  We have NO idea if someone is using them as well.  Set to stun and anyone NOT from our team, tell them to shoot their bloody arms off if need be! Cat out! =/\=
As she skirted along the corridor to her destination she'd found an abandoned PADD, a Cat found the section of wall she was looking for and braced her legs either side of the wall section and pulled with all her might.  After a minute of swearing and nearly pulling an arm out of its socket the wall section came free and floated away.

One deck down... One deck down to the main EPS hub.

Cat squeezed herself into the small access area that linked the entire Station like small blood vessels and began to push herself down. Due to the lack of gravity it went quicker than she expected and before she pulled the manual release lever Cat slowly calmed her breathing down, taking deep breaths in and out in a steady slow succession as if preparing for a deep dive. 

The art was to calm yourself down, to steady your breathing... To slow everything down.  When she reached her peak Cat grabbed the level,  inhaled deeply, held her breath and pushed the panel out and away and entered the main EPS hub.

Main EPS Grid Maintenance Hub (Deck 4)

It was chaos.  Smoke filled the air and hung like a blanket.  Small fires littered the areas eating up the precious air contained within.  She pushed herself in as if diving into water and grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and began to slowly deprive the flames of their feeding source.
Once the fires were out Cat slowly pushed herself to the emergency outfit section and opening it removed a small breathing device and fitted the transparent breathing mask over her nose and mouth, pulling the elastic tight behind her head and set to work pulling off the wall panels from the shouldering areas to assess the damage.

So much damage.  It was like someone had fried the entire system.  Cat exhaled for the first time since she entered the room.  All she had to do was re-route... Re-route.. Start at the beginning... Start at the basics.

Air, fire, transporters, weaponry, ... Doors... Lifts... Think woman think.

Luckily since becoming Chief she had always practised a rule of "keep what you need close" so each room linked to engineering had a supply of easy to access replacements and tools encased in Faraday crates in case of emergencies because the last thing you needed was to traipse halfway round the station to get a bloody flux coupler.

The silence which had cocooned Cat for the last 10 minutes was shattered by noises from the entrance she had made.  Cat reached over, picked up a broken wire tubing she had just replaced and pushed herself to the hole...

"JESUS GUS!" Cat screamed the words as the head of her Second popped through the hole. "You could have yelled for me! I nearly brained you!"

"Sorry Chief... I'm too scared to form words at the moment".  The blond haired tall slim body pulled himself free, followed by two other of the engineering crew, including the blue face of Peaches, the andorian head of the Ship yard.  All were wearing breathing masks to her relief.

"You took your sweet time" Cat muttered but glad to see the faces of people she knew, people she trusted.

"Stopped off for a coffee and cake Boss! We would have bought you some but they floated off"  Peaches grinned.

"Ha bloody ha!  Right, we are royally screwed.  We need to replace and re-route as much as possible from here.  See what we can get working then follow the breadcrumbs and replace and reroute at each broken sub section. Gus!  Once we've fixed everything we can here, get everyone to get to the nearest subsection and fix it and work their way out. "

"God Chief... "  Peaches face fell.

"I know... Focus on Air, fire systems, defense system and then transporters, doors, lifts.    We are sitting ducks but we need to get the air circulating and fires out first otherwise we will be no help to anyone. Sally... " Cat nodded to the ebony skinned woman who at over 6 feet tall was like Valikie amongst her crew. "....Almost finished re-routing the air systems.  Not as screwed as I thought we were for this one. The EPS here are fused, hoping it took the brunt.  Work with Gus on the fire suppression systems... Started on them, just need you both to finish ASAP...  I need them online before we can  switch on the air, I don't want to feed the fires.  Peaches!  Defense. We can do this!"

They worked in almost silence apart from a few choice phrases filling the air as time ticked on.  Precious time melting away like snowflakes in the warm sunlight.

"YES!"  Sally yelled in relief and joy "Chief! We got the entire fire system up!" Cally checked her PADD "Luckily the main EPS took the brunt of the shock and fused.. We ripped it out and .. And it looks OK... Won't know til we hit the switch mind..."

Cat grinned from within the twisted burnt out EPS cores "Well done!!  Almost finished... THERE!"

Cat crabbed her way out and held onto the outside panelling and removed the PADD she had secured within her under tunic. She'd discarded the outer dress uniform once she had entered the EPS hub and had no plans of putting it back on again soon.

She pulled up the system reboots for air circulation and the automated fire system and exhaled..

"Please cross your fingers.... I'm about to reboot..."

Gus, Sally and Peaches all turned to her holding up a hand with their fingers crossed..

Cats hand trembled... "Ok... Here goes something"

She punched the reboot system and closed her eyes.

She opened one and smiled.  "BINGO PEOPLE!"

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Re: Post of the Month - June 2021
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2021, 10:05:33 pm »
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Re: Post of the Month - June 2021
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2021, 01:16:07 am »

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Re: Post of the Month - June 2021
« Reply #3 on: September 08, 2021, 02:43:04 am »
Well done, as always.  :-)
Awarded to the player who has written the Post of the Month in March 2021

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Re: Post of the Month - June 2021
« Reply #4 on: September 09, 2021, 03:01:38 am »
Tremendous. :)
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