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Character Details

Character Name: Commander Bertran tch'Jones-Kitrar
Character Age: 27
Character DOB: 2364
Character Image:
Character Species:  Hybrid (Human/Andorian)
Gender: male   (both thaan and chen)
Character Family:
Father:  Human  Alfred Stephan Jones  (former Earth's Ambassador to Andoria)
Mother:  Andorian  Zeriat sh'Kitrar  (former Andorian Imperial Guard)
Mother:  Andorian  Thessia zh'Irannoss  (doctor)

Character Bio:

Bertran is the product of Andorian genetic engineering.  Human DNA was altered just enough to be able to fully fertilize with both the thaan and chan components, an Andorian egg.

Alfred never imagined when he left Earth for the stars that he would be one of those daring few that would find interspecies romance so appealing.  He fell in love with Zeriat sh'Kitrar, an Andorian Imperial Guard assigned to watch him.  Even less anticipated was that she would return those feelings. 

Yet their love at first was deemed forbidden since it could produce no offspring.  If that's what it would take to be able to be with Zeriat, Alfred spared no expense in having the best minds on Earth come up with ways that HE could be a part of Zeriat's bondgroup. 

2 years later, Bertran was born. 

Bertran was doted on by his biological mother and father, as well as by his birthing mother. He was often teased for having only one father but Alfred would explain to him that they only did so because they were jealous that they would need to bondgroup in the future to have children, while he would not - he carried both the thaan and chen DNA needed to propagate another generation.  It was possible that he was the salvation of his people.

Bertran was raised on Andor for the first 10 years of his life, then his father's term as Ambassador was over and he was reassigned to Earth.  Zeriat believed it would be a good experience for the boy to be exposed to other species and cultures so it was that the family moved to Earth.  There Bertran discovered his uniqueness on Andor was not so unique on Earth.  Hybrids abounded, especially in Starfleet.

When he turned 18, his mother's people's law required that he take part in the Andorian Military - he served there for 4 years.  At which time, most of his fellow Andorians were being invited to Sheltheths to form bondgroups to carry forward their species as they remained fertile only a short period of time.   Yet the doctors that studied him said that Bertran would likely remain fertile into his 40's or 50's, so he didn't feel the same biological NEED to have an offspring quite yet.  Besides which Bertran didn't want to have a child outside of love, so has never joined a bond group.  He's waiting for the right woman.. women?

After he finished serving his time with the Andorian Military, Bertran turned his attention to his real goal - joining Starfleet to eventually gain a command.  After the Academy, he started his career in Security, as his time in the Andorian Imperial Guard guaranteed him success.  After a year, and a promotion to Lieutenant, he has transferred to Flight where he hopes to gain a different sort of experience.

Wrigley's Pleasure Arcades / Re: What Brightened Your Day Today?
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Getting caught up on all my mission posts.   Yay me!

Across the Multiverse / Golden Age Trek
« on: March 05, 2022, 01:59:13 pm »
The year is 2299 and Starfleet is increasingly stretched as the future of the two Quadrants is being decided.  The Klingon Empire, still reeling from the Praxis Disaster, reluctantly accepts Federation aid to save their Homeworld, but sounds of discontent echo ever louder, as proud ancient Houses feel their glorious histories are being buried beneath Chancellor Azetbur’s difficult peace reforms, dubbed the 'Gorkon Initiative' by its supporters, and 'treachery' by its malcontents. Starfleet finds itself caught between its commitments to reduce the military presence along the Klingon Neutral Zone, and the simmering threats on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the Romulans, once benefitting from the spoils of a strong Klingon Empire, have found themselves the sole opposition to the monolithic Federation, led by their historical foes. Technological innovations however - extrapolated from the now-abandoned Alliance - have accelerated their capabilities and expansion ambitions. New Stars of the Empire look ripe for the taking, stars the Klingon Empire can no longer afford to secure.

In one place where these three powerful forces meet- a region in the Beta Quadrant known as the Azure Triangle; a region known for turbulent events; be they anomalies or hostile acts.

Captain Elliot Keats, an unspoken pariah among peers, is assigned a new starship - the USS Courageous - with a newly formed crew to provide support to local Federation territories in the Triangle, and chart new regions beyond, whilst keeping one eye on the two increasing unstable Neutral Zones.

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Playing Pokemon Go with my daughter during our walk with the doggies.

Federation News Network / Re: Post of the Month - August 2021
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This piece brought me to tears.

You are sorely missed, Verlok.

Federation News Network / Re: Post of the Month - July 2021
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Muchly deserved recognition.  Congratulations!

Katra Station / Re: The Wretched Masses - Season 1, Episode 3
« on: September 11, 2021, 11:51:38 pm »

NPC Cathy Daniels
[SS Wonderland]

It had taken them a while but now both Cathy and Juraan were here which he was very thankful for.

He gave the Bajoran an eye roll and muttered.
"You have no idea. Fucking idiots."
Of course he was aware that they couldn't initially know he'd been framed but he was sour!
"We're not running but I'm not staying to let whoever framed me do it again. I'm out of here as soon as I can."
He cast a glance at Cathy and added. "It's better before your past gets uncovered..."
Or maybe his own.
"I'm not sure when or whether I'm coming back here. You can still get off the Wonderland and stay. But I don't fancy getting locked up for nothing."

Cathy gave a snort at Finn's offer for her to stay.  She shook her head and glanced between him and Juraan before answering.  "Everyone I care about is on this ship." That included Odelot.  Even the oddly quiet Chiree was growing on her.  "The station is nice to visit, but yeah it ain't worth the risk of any of us getting locked up."

While a prolonged absence was fine with her, Cathy wondered whether Juraan was going to regret leaving Tamani, and she wondered if leaving Katra was what Chiree really wanted.  Well, if it wasn't when they got to the next port of call, Cathy could always just send Chiree back to the station via some other ship.

After looking over the pre-flight checks and contacting the station, Cathy nodded her readiness. "We're ready to go, Captain Finn. We are cleared to leave."

OOC: as Finn is on LOA, Cathy will be silent unless needed to interact with Chiree or Juraan

Katra Station / Re: The Wretched Masses - Season 1, Episode 3
« on: September 08, 2021, 08:33:55 pm »

NPC Cathy Daniels
[SS Wonderland]

[Katra Station - Promenade - IDIC restaurant]

While Juraan didn't think Finn could be a clone, he was interested in the story and asked Tamani to elaborate that story. When Cathy made the comment about Finn being one of a kind and better should not be cloned, Juraan chuckled. "She's not that wrong about that, you know", he grinned and then looked to Cathy.

Juraan tried to answer Tamani's questions as well as he could, but clearly he didn't feel comfortable to share too much about his past. Her question how he ended up with 'such a crew' made him eye her for a moment. "It might sound strange, but I would prefer this crew to any of the many I've been in before."

When the food arrived, Juraan digged in, now and then picking a couple of french fries Cathy shared with him. He wasn't too sure about Tamani's choice of food - did she always eat like that? Urgh. Or if she just ate that in front of him to prove something to him? Urgh as well. He actually found it attractive when a woman was able to enjoy a meal thoroughly and wasn't calorie counting the whole day. There were certainly ways to burn those calories off. But it was only food. Juraan liked what he head learned about her ever since they had met - and she was pretty.

When Finn's call came in, Juraan had just pushed the last piece of meat into his mouth and was glad when Cathy answered him. He was confused as to the details too, but couldn't but grin at her teasing way of getting those details from their Captain. Only then did he realize that it meant they would leave Katra - which meant to leave Tamani.

"Do you really have to go?", Tamani asked after they had gotten up, looking sad.

Juraan nodded. "I'm afraid we do." He was kinda sad, too. "But, we'll return to Katra regularly. Maybe we'll see each other again?" He gave her a kind smile.

Tamani stepped up to him. "Drop me a line when you've got time", she said, smiling. They had exchanged their contact info before.

"I will", he promised. Tamani then moved to give him a hug which Juraan happily accepted. Then, unexpectedly, Tamani turned her head and kissed him on the lips. Juraan faltered for a split second and then reciprocated the kiss before pulling away. "I want to say 'I hate goodbyes', but I can't really say that now."

She chuckled and then stepped away. "Have a good time. Stay safe."

Juraan nodded. "Payal." (*Bye) He then waited for Cathy and returned to the Wonderland.

Cathy enjoyed her burger while Tamani shrugged off Juraan's questions about the cloning rumor.  "I really don't know much about it but rumor has it that a couple of the ranking officers at the time we actually clones and sabotaging the station.  Things like that tend to happen here."

Not long after her call with Finn ended - cutting lunch short - Cathy opened her communicator and called Chiree on hers (the communicator was actually a spare from the Wonderland II but Cathy had given it to the quiet girl so that they should stay in contact for exactly moments like now).   

~/\~"Chiree!"~/\~  Cathy greeted once her call was picked up, ~/\~"Finn's gotten himself into a bit of trouble with Station security and it looks like we are gonna be heading out on our next run a bit earlier than expected.  Make your way back to the ship on the double before the powers that be change their mind and impound the ship next."~/\~

She looked up from her call to see Tamani locking lips with Juraan, and felt a stab of resentment towards the other woman.  Part of her wanted to pull the other woman away by the hair for daring to be that intimate with Juraan.  The worst part was Juraan kissed her back... and not just humoringly.  Cathy had to look away and busied herself grabbing up the dirty plates and bringing them to the recycler.  Her good mood from earlier suddenly was dismal.

Cathy kept her head low and pushed past Juraan to leave the restaurant, and afterwards, found every possible way to ignore him on the way back to the ship.


Juraan entered the bridge. "Have you been released ... or are we running away?"

[SS Wonderland]

Cathy entered the bridge after Juraan and quickly headed to her spot in the co-pilot's seat. 
Juraan's teasing comment to Finn would normally have earned a laugh from Cathy but right then she was just trying her best not to scowl.   

Federation News Network / Post of the Month - June 2021
« on: September 06, 2021, 09:25:07 pm »
Summer 2021 has been hectic for many of us here as such perhaps it is forgivable that this announcement is so late in being posted (though I am happy to see that Captain Solluk did have it noted on his sims WaR board).  However as this is a site wide award, I am pleased to post here the selection for Post of the Month for June 2021, written by Cat Goodspeed.

Congratulations Cat!

Katra Station - Corridor outside Conference Room

Keep calm... Keep calm.

Cat punched her com badge  =/\="This is Goodspeed to anyone in main engineering.  Report!  What's working and what isn't! I need info STAT! =/\=

Keep calm... Keep calm.  Cat kept trying to repeat this mantra as if it would actually  help.

 =/\=Chief!  This is Gus!  We can't access the main core room.  Systems failed, we couldn't eject core! All doors are fused.  Turbos off line. Environmental systems offline. Fire system off line.  We are dead in the water Chief!  Consoles non functioning. Using PADDS!  See if you can grab one!  What's your status Chief, over! =/\=

Cats face went as white as her hair  =/\=Crap!  What IS working Gus?!  I'm in the corridor outside the conference room free floating! Explosion there as well. We got done in good Gus!  We NEED Environmental and fire systems online as a priority. DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT get the antigrav online yet.  We have too many floaters, may cause more deaths or injuries.   I'm on my way to the EPS room on deck 4...  See what I can reroute from there.  Have  a couple of people meet me there whoever is nearest.... =/\="

Cat began to push herself along the corridor as fast as she could muster

 =/\=Chief??  Chief?? How you getting there? Turbos and doors are fused =/\=

 =/\=For Gods sake Gus, jeffreys tubes man!  Use the jeffreys tubes!  Pull up the stations schems on the PADDS.  We have a whole network like a rabbit warren.  We can pull ourselves though or use your bloody legs like a frog and push yourselves.  I'll meet you there! Oh and get them armed!  We have NO idea if someone is using them as well.  Set to stun and anyone NOT from our team, tell them to shoot their bloody arms off if need be! Cat out! =/\=
As she skirted along the corridor to her destination she'd found an abandoned PADD, a Cat found the section of wall she was looking for and braced her legs either side of the wall section and pulled with all her might.  After a minute of swearing and nearly pulling an arm out of its socket the wall section came free and floated away.

One deck down... One deck down to the main EPS hub.

Cat squeezed herself into the small access area that linked the entire Station like small blood vessels and began to push herself down. Due to the lack of gravity it went quicker than she expected and before she pulled the manual release lever Cat slowly calmed her breathing down, taking deep breaths in and out in a steady slow succession as if preparing for a deep dive. 

The art was to calm yourself down, to steady your breathing... To slow everything down.  When she reached her peak Cat grabbed the level,  inhaled deeply, held her breath and pushed the panel out and away and entered the main EPS hub.

Main EPS Grid Maintenance Hub (Deck 4)

It was chaos.  Smoke filled the air and hung like a blanket.  Small fires littered the areas eating up the precious air contained within.  She pushed herself in as if diving into water and grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and began to slowly deprive the flames of their feeding source.
Once the fires were out Cat slowly pushed herself to the emergency outfit section and opening it removed a small breathing device and fitted the transparent breathing mask over her nose and mouth, pulling the elastic tight behind her head and set to work pulling off the wall panels from the shouldering areas to assess the damage.

So much damage.  It was like someone had fried the entire system.  Cat exhaled for the first time since she entered the room.  All she had to do was re-route... Re-route.. Start at the beginning... Start at the basics.

Air, fire, transporters, weaponry, ... Doors... Lifts... Think woman think.

Luckily since becoming Chief she had always practised a rule of "keep what you need close" so each room linked to engineering had a supply of easy to access replacements and tools encased in Faraday crates in case of emergencies because the last thing you needed was to traipse halfway round the station to get a bloody flux coupler.

The silence which had cocooned Cat for the last 10 minutes was shattered by noises from the entrance she had made.  Cat reached over, picked up a broken wire tubing she had just replaced and pushed herself to the hole...

"JESUS GUS!" Cat screamed the words as the head of her Second popped through the hole. "You could have yelled for me! I nearly brained you!"

"Sorry Chief... I'm too scared to form words at the moment".  The blond haired tall slim body pulled himself free, followed by two other of the engineering crew, including the blue face of Peaches, the andorian head of the Ship yard.  All were wearing breathing masks to her relief.

"You took your sweet time" Cat muttered but glad to see the faces of people she knew, people she trusted.

"Stopped off for a coffee and cake Boss! We would have bought you some but they floated off"  Peaches grinned.

"Ha bloody ha!  Right, we are royally screwed.  We need to replace and re-route as much as possible from here.  See what we can get working then follow the breadcrumbs and replace and reroute at each broken sub section. Gus!  Once we've fixed everything we can here, get everyone to get to the nearest subsection and fix it and work their way out. "

"God Chief... "  Peaches face fell.

"I know... Focus on Air, fire systems, defense system and then transporters, doors, lifts.    We are sitting ducks but we need to get the air circulating and fires out first otherwise we will be no help to anyone. Sally... " Cat nodded to the ebony skinned woman who at over 6 feet tall was like Valikie amongst her crew. "....Almost finished re-routing the air systems.  Not as screwed as I thought we were for this one. The EPS here are fused, hoping it took the brunt.  Work with Gus on the fire suppression systems... Started on them, just need you both to finish ASAP...  I need them online before we can  switch on the air, I don't want to feed the fires.  Peaches!  Defense. We can do this!"

They worked in almost silence apart from a few choice phrases filling the air as time ticked on.  Precious time melting away like snowflakes in the warm sunlight.

"YES!"  Sally yelled in relief and joy "Chief! We got the entire fire system up!" Cally checked her PADD "Luckily the main EPS took the brunt of the shock and fused.. We ripped it out and .. And it looks OK... Won't know til we hit the switch mind..."

Cat grinned from within the twisted burnt out EPS cores "Well done!!  Almost finished... THERE!"

Cat crabbed her way out and held onto the outside panelling and removed the PADD she had secured within her under tunic. She'd discarded the outer dress uniform once she had entered the EPS hub and had no plans of putting it back on again soon.

She pulled up the system reboots for air circulation and the automated fire system and exhaled..

"Please cross your fingers.... I'm about to reboot..."

Gus, Sally and Peaches all turned to her holding up a hand with their fingers crossed..

Cats hand trembled... "Ok... Here goes something"

She punched the reboot system and closed her eyes.

She opened one and smiled.  "BINGO PEOPLE!"

After some discussion among the Admins, it has been decided that an Academy training is not necessary for Amarande.  Please report in to your Commanding officers -  Captain Solluk and Commander Saxon.   

Katra Station / Re: The Wretched Masses - Season 1, Episode 3
« on: September 06, 2021, 01:18:44 am »

NPC Cathy Daniels
[Katra Station - Promenade - IDIC]

[Katra Station - IDIC]

After Winslow left, Juraan looked to Cathy. He wasn't sure there was anything they could do right now. If he was confined to quarters, surely they wouldn't allow his crew to visit him. So he sat back down and would continue with his lunch with Tamani and Cathy for now.

Cathy glared after the retreating officer, not at all happy with Finn's situation but was honestly too precarious with her own illegal status to risk making too many waves despite her words to the contrary.  She turned to ask Juraan his thoughts on what they could do to help but had to stop and bite her tongue when the Bajoran woman in Juraan's company began asking questions about how certain he was about their Captain.  That he was who they thought he was. "I've heard that some Starfleet officers were cloned last year and were actually being spies for some super intelligent organization that wanted the Federation out of the Gamma Quadrant."

Cathy couldn't stop her eyeroll.  Yeah, as if!  "Trust me no intelligent being would want to clone Finn.  He's truly one of a kind!"  Cathy looked over at Juraan for his reaction to her words, and chuckled at her teasing comment at their Captain's expense - wishing Finn were there to have heard it too.

When the waiter finally returned to take their order, Cathy ordered the Bolian burger that Juraan had suggested and had to fight another eyeroll at the half-order of Vulcan greens salad that Tamani ordered.   It was like the woman was afraid to show Juraan that she had a real appetite.

While they waited for their food, Cathy tried to brainstorm ideas of what to do about Finn's situation but Tamani kept interrupting with questions of her own directed to Juraan - obviously trying to learn more about his past - and even at one point asked why he had joined with such a crew.   The woman's tone and the way Tamani fawned over Juraan had the comment clearly implying that Juraan was too good for them.

Soon the meals arrived and Cathy cut her burger in half to share with Juraan and pushed her plate of fries between them so he could share in that too, knowing the man's appetite enough to know he would accept the offered food.  Cathy doubted a sharing of Vulcan greens would appeal the same way as fries and half burger would.   Score Cathy 1 : Tamani 0.

Within 15 minutes Finn had packed up all his stuff and checked out of the room.
There was no way he was sticking around to get framed again. Of course he wanted to know by who and why but for now he was glad the accusations didn't stick.

He stormed into the ship, threw his bag in the living area and then made his way to the bridge from where he called the others.
"I'm leaving before tonight. Can you make your way here?"

The burger had been delicious.  As disgusting as aged meat sounded, flavour-wise it was amazing!  Cathy was just sopping up the last of the juices using one of the last remaining fries when Finn's call came in.

She answered this time. =/\="Hey Finn, what'd you do?  Knock out your guards and now have to flee the station?"=/\=  There was humor in her tone - obviously not being serious about her question, and instead was just teasing with him.

Without even thinking of checking with Juraan that he might have other plans with Miss 'Vulcan salad' after this, Cathy continued to speak on both their behalf =/\="Yeah, we're just wrapping up lunch, we can be there shortly."=/\=

The application, as it stands, was written to start as Ensign. I have no issue with that and realise that she will be starting fresh. I have quoted the application and have put Acting Chief Medical officer as the position wanted. Let me know if I need to make further changes.

Thank you.  With those changes the character is accepted and assigned to Katra Station where she will be Assistant CMO under Lieutenant Commander Beja (on leave presently).   You can post in mission immediately while we set up your Academy training course.

Katra Station / Re: The Wretched Masses - Season 1, Episode 3
« on: August 21, 2021, 10:21:32 am »

NPC Cathy Daniels
[Katra Station - Promenade - IDIC]

[Katra Station - Promenade - IDIC]

[NPC Lieutenant Seth Winslow]

Wow! Security cameras. Why didn't we think of that? Seth sarcastically thought to himself. However, he took a deep breathe before speaking.

"Yes. There are cameras for security purposes but everything from an hour before to an hour after the specified time has been erased. We're looking into that as well to see who's security code was used for the erasing." he replied.
[Katra Station - Promenade - IDIC Restaurant]

Juraan followed the conversation between Cathy and the Security officer with growing discontent.

"I thought Starfleet acted on the principle that someone is treated as innocent until proven guilty. If Finn has an alibi, I see no reason to hold him. I would suggest that you first do the necessary investigation before unlawfully detaining someone. Finn has better things to do than mess with Starfleet security. He thinks of his business first and would avoid anything that could ruin it. Also, he - none of us -" he glanced briefly at Cathy, "could pull something like that. I also don't think Finn speaks enough Ferengi to create a program in the language. If he speaks Ferengi at all. So how about taking that as your next lead? There are enough Ferengis on the station, after all. And we all know they're capable of some things."

He paused to take a breath. "So, we're telling you Finn couldn't have done it. Is there anything else we can help to solve the mystery?" Juraan really wanted to help. Finn didn't deserve any trouble he didn't provoke.

This officer was good, polite.  He managed to bite his tongue and not call her on her idiot suggestion, though he did huff a bit before explaining about the compromised video footage.  What the hell?  Was the guy suggesting now that Finn had access to station Security codes? 

Cathy was so glad when Juraan spoke up making a reasonable argument for Finn's release. 

She nodded in agreement before adding in more verbal fuel.  "Yeah and if you continue to hold him without just cause.  I'm gonna call for a lawyer on his behalf, and then make damn sure that you and your boss are held responsible for his loss of income - now and into the future... as we freighters gain a bad rep each time we back out of a job.  This unlawful detaining is impacting his livelihood, Mister."

Katra Station / Re: The Wretched Masses - Season 1, Episode 3
« on: August 18, 2021, 09:06:58 pm »

NPC Cathy Daniels
[Katra Station - Promenade - IDIC]

[Katra Station - Promenade - IDIC]

[NPC Lieutenant Seth Winslow]

Inside, Seth couldn't help but laugh. Moreno's crew was supporting his claim of not being able to program. That he was, in fact, horrible with computers. Who can't do some sort of programing now a days?[/i] he thought.

"The programming originated in his guest quarters and while he has provided an alibi, there is only the word of those he was with and no physical evidence to support that alibi." Winslow informed them. He went on to be as honest as he could with them since it was an ongoing investigation. "We have where and when the program started. We know it was written in Ferengi. Now it's just a matter of if Mister Moreno launched it or if someone entered his quarters and launched it. That's really where we are at this point."

To Cathy's mind, the station was outfitted with enough security camera's and sensors to be able to track a fly... so what was the deal with not being able to determine who launched this alleged program.   

"So?  What's the hold up?  Surely there are security camera's on that level to show who came and went from that level and section of the station... if not exactly that corridor and his room."

Even as she spoke, Cathy quickly did a mental inventory checking to be sure that she herself hadn't stopped by her Captain's station assigned quarters while they were on shoreleave.   It would suck if suspicion turned from Finn to her or Juraan, just because they were feeling social.

Katra Station / Re: The Wretched Masses - Season 1, Episode 3
« on: August 15, 2021, 11:50:44 am »

NPC Cathy Daniels
[Katra Station - Promenade - IDIC]

[Katra Station - Promenade - IDIC restaurant]

Juraan was glad that Cathy stepped in to reply to the officer because the Bajoran was taken aback about a small detail the security officer had said.

"That's true", Juraan confirmed Cathy's explanation. "But you said that Finn wants you to ask us about this ... why would he want you to do that? And what is it actually that he's being accused of?"
[Katra Station - Promenade - IDIC]

[NPC Lieutenant Seth Winslow]

So far, Seth wasn't feeling too bad about how things were going. The Wonderland crew seemed to be speaking pretty freely.

"He's being detained...." Seth began, "....until the investigation is over." He then went into the same details that he and Bryon had outlined for Moreno about the program originating form his quarters and spreading. "But he's insistent that he isn't very computer savvy and asked us to speak to you for verification. If he's as bad as the lady says, then it's inline with what he told us as well. It means we can turn our investigation toward other suspects."

Cathy made sure she stayed close to Juraan, glad that he backed her up with her assessment of Finn's computer programming skills.  Sad thing was she wasn't lying. 

When Juraan asked about how long Finn was being detained and for what, Cathy was stunned.  "You're kidding us, right?"   It took a moment before she started to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. 

"There's no way Finn could program such a thing.  If your investigation has led you to him.. then you're being played for fool." 

You might think that would be the end of that but no, Starfleet was being jerks and detaining Finn until they could figure out who did pull this off.   But there was no guarantee that they'd ever figure it out. So what would that mean for Finn?  Would he stuck in house-arrest for days on end?   

"So what's your evidence that he's involved?"  Maybe they if she and Juraan helped Security figure this out they could help clear Finn of all suspicion.

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