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Character Details

Character Name: Commander Bertran tch'Jones-Kitrar
Character Age: 27
Character DOB: 2364
Character Image:
Character Species:  Hybrid (Human/Andorian)
Gender: male   (both thaan and chen)
Character Family:
Father:  Human  Alfred Stephan Jones  (former Earth's Ambassador to Andoria)
Mother:  Andorian  Zeriat sh'Kitrar  (former Andorian Imperial Guard)
Mother:  Andorian  Thessia zh'Irannoss  (doctor)

Character Bio:

Bertran is the product of Andorian genetic engineering.  Human DNA was altered just enough to be able to fully fertilize with both the thaan and chan components, an Andorian egg.

Alfred never imagined when he left Earth for the stars that he would be one of those daring few that would find interspecies romance so appealing.  He fell in love with Zeriat sh'Kitrar, an Andorian Imperial Guard assigned to watch him.  Even less anticipated was that she would return those feelings. 

Yet their love at first was deemed forbidden since it could produce no offspring.  If that's what it would take to be able to be with Zeriat, Alfred spared no expense in having the best minds on Earth come up with ways that HE could be a part of Zeriat's bondgroup. 

2 years later, Bertran was born. 

Bertran was doted on by his biological mother and father, as well as by his birthing mother. He was often teased for having only one father but Alfred would explain to him that they only did so because they were jealous that they would need to bondgroup in the future to have children, while he would not - he carried both the thaan and chen DNA needed to propagate another generation.  It was possible that he was the salvation of his people.

Bertran was raised on Andor for the first 10 years of his life, then his father's term as Ambassador was over and he was reassigned to Earth.  Zeriat believed it would be a good experience for the boy to be exposed to other species and cultures so it was that the family moved to Earth.  There Bertran discovered his uniqueness on Andor was not so unique on Earth.  Hybrids abounded, especially in Starfleet.

When he turned 18, his mother's people's law required that he take part in the Andorian Military - he served there for 4 years.  At which time, most of his fellow Andorians were being invited to Sheltheths to form bondgroups to carry forward their species as they remained fertile only a short period of time.   Yet the doctors that studied him said that Bertran would likely remain fertile into his 40's or 50's, so he didn't feel the same biological NEED to have an offspring quite yet.  Besides which Bertran didn't want to have a child outside of love, so has never joined a bond group.  He's waiting for the right woman.. women?

After he finished serving his time with the Andorian Military, Bertran turned his attention to his real goal - joining Starfleet to eventually gain a command.  After the Academy, he started his career in Security, as his time in the Andorian Imperial Guard guaranteed him success.  After a year, and a promotion to Lieutenant, he has transferred to Flight where he hopes to gain a different sort of experience.

Across the Multiverse / Golden Age Trek
« on: March 05, 2022, 01:59:13 pm »
The year is 2299 and Starfleet is increasingly stretched as the future of the two Quadrants is being decided.  The Klingon Empire, still reeling from the Praxis Disaster, reluctantly accepts Federation aid to save their Homeworld, but sounds of discontent echo ever louder, as proud ancient Houses feel their glorious histories are being buried beneath Chancellor Azetbur’s difficult peace reforms, dubbed the 'Gorkon Initiative' by its supporters, and 'treachery' by its malcontents. Starfleet finds itself caught between its commitments to reduce the military presence along the Klingon Neutral Zone, and the simmering threats on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the Romulans, once benefitting from the spoils of a strong Klingon Empire, have found themselves the sole opposition to the monolithic Federation, led by their historical foes. Technological innovations however - extrapolated from the now-abandoned Alliance - have accelerated their capabilities and expansion ambitions. New Stars of the Empire look ripe for the taking, stars the Klingon Empire can no longer afford to secure.

In one place where these three powerful forces meet- a region in the Beta Quadrant known as the Azure Triangle; a region known for turbulent events; be they anomalies or hostile acts.

Captain Elliot Keats, an unspoken pariah among peers, is assigned a new starship - the USS Courageous - with a newly formed crew to provide support to local Federation territories in the Triangle, and chart new regions beyond, whilst keeping one eye on the two increasing unstable Neutral Zones.

Federation News Network / Post of the Month - June 2021
« on: September 06, 2021, 09:25:07 pm »
Summer 2021 has been hectic for many of us here as such perhaps it is forgivable that this announcement is so late in being posted (though I am happy to see that Captain Solluk did have it noted on his sims WaR board).  However as this is a site wide award, I am pleased to post here the selection for Post of the Month for June 2021, written by Cat Goodspeed.

Congratulations Cat!

Katra Station - Corridor outside Conference Room

Keep calm... Keep calm.

Cat punched her com badge  =/\="This is Goodspeed to anyone in main engineering.  Report!  What's working and what isn't! I need info STAT! =/\=

Keep calm... Keep calm.  Cat kept trying to repeat this mantra as if it would actually  help.

 =/\=Chief!  This is Gus!  We can't access the main core room.  Systems failed, we couldn't eject core! All doors are fused.  Turbos off line. Environmental systems offline. Fire system off line.  We are dead in the water Chief!  Consoles non functioning. Using PADDS!  See if you can grab one!  What's your status Chief, over! =/\=

Cats face went as white as her hair  =/\=Crap!  What IS working Gus?!  I'm in the corridor outside the conference room free floating! Explosion there as well. We got done in good Gus!  We NEED Environmental and fire systems online as a priority. DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT get the antigrav online yet.  We have too many floaters, may cause more deaths or injuries.   I'm on my way to the EPS room on deck 4...  See what I can reroute from there.  Have  a couple of people meet me there whoever is nearest.... =/\="

Cat began to push herself along the corridor as fast as she could muster

 =/\=Chief??  Chief?? How you getting there? Turbos and doors are fused =/\=

 =/\=For Gods sake Gus, jeffreys tubes man!  Use the jeffreys tubes!  Pull up the stations schems on the PADDS.  We have a whole network like a rabbit warren.  We can pull ourselves though or use your bloody legs like a frog and push yourselves.  I'll meet you there! Oh and get them armed!  We have NO idea if someone is using them as well.  Set to stun and anyone NOT from our team, tell them to shoot their bloody arms off if need be! Cat out! =/\=
As she skirted along the corridor to her destination she'd found an abandoned PADD, a Cat found the section of wall she was looking for and braced her legs either side of the wall section and pulled with all her might.  After a minute of swearing and nearly pulling an arm out of its socket the wall section came free and floated away.

One deck down... One deck down to the main EPS hub.

Cat squeezed herself into the small access area that linked the entire Station like small blood vessels and began to push herself down. Due to the lack of gravity it went quicker than she expected and before she pulled the manual release lever Cat slowly calmed her breathing down, taking deep breaths in and out in a steady slow succession as if preparing for a deep dive. 

The art was to calm yourself down, to steady your breathing... To slow everything down.  When she reached her peak Cat grabbed the level,  inhaled deeply, held her breath and pushed the panel out and away and entered the main EPS hub.

Main EPS Grid Maintenance Hub (Deck 4)

It was chaos.  Smoke filled the air and hung like a blanket.  Small fires littered the areas eating up the precious air contained within.  She pushed herself in as if diving into water and grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and began to slowly deprive the flames of their feeding source.
Once the fires were out Cat slowly pushed herself to the emergency outfit section and opening it removed a small breathing device and fitted the transparent breathing mask over her nose and mouth, pulling the elastic tight behind her head and set to work pulling off the wall panels from the shouldering areas to assess the damage.

So much damage.  It was like someone had fried the entire system.  Cat exhaled for the first time since she entered the room.  All she had to do was re-route... Re-route.. Start at the beginning... Start at the basics.

Air, fire, transporters, weaponry, ... Doors... Lifts... Think woman think.

Luckily since becoming Chief she had always practised a rule of "keep what you need close" so each room linked to engineering had a supply of easy to access replacements and tools encased in Faraday crates in case of emergencies because the last thing you needed was to traipse halfway round the station to get a bloody flux coupler.

The silence which had cocooned Cat for the last 10 minutes was shattered by noises from the entrance she had made.  Cat reached over, picked up a broken wire tubing she had just replaced and pushed herself to the hole...

"JESUS GUS!" Cat screamed the words as the head of her Second popped through the hole. "You could have yelled for me! I nearly brained you!"

"Sorry Chief... I'm too scared to form words at the moment".  The blond haired tall slim body pulled himself free, followed by two other of the engineering crew, including the blue face of Peaches, the andorian head of the Ship yard.  All were wearing breathing masks to her relief.

"You took your sweet time" Cat muttered but glad to see the faces of people she knew, people she trusted.

"Stopped off for a coffee and cake Boss! We would have bought you some but they floated off"  Peaches grinned.

"Ha bloody ha!  Right, we are royally screwed.  We need to replace and re-route as much as possible from here.  See what we can get working then follow the breadcrumbs and replace and reroute at each broken sub section. Gus!  Once we've fixed everything we can here, get everyone to get to the nearest subsection and fix it and work their way out. "

"God Chief... "  Peaches face fell.

"I know... Focus on Air, fire systems, defense system and then transporters, doors, lifts.    We are sitting ducks but we need to get the air circulating and fires out first otherwise we will be no help to anyone. Sally... " Cat nodded to the ebony skinned woman who at over 6 feet tall was like Valikie amongst her crew. "....Almost finished re-routing the air systems.  Not as screwed as I thought we were for this one. The EPS here are fused, hoping it took the brunt.  Work with Gus on the fire suppression systems... Started on them, just need you both to finish ASAP...  I need them online before we can  switch on the air, I don't want to feed the fires.  Peaches!  Defense. We can do this!"

They worked in almost silence apart from a few choice phrases filling the air as time ticked on.  Precious time melting away like snowflakes in the warm sunlight.

"YES!"  Sally yelled in relief and joy "Chief! We got the entire fire system up!" Cally checked her PADD "Luckily the main EPS took the brunt of the shock and fused.. We ripped it out and .. And it looks OK... Won't know til we hit the switch mind..."

Cat grinned from within the twisted burnt out EPS cores "Well done!!  Almost finished... THERE!"

Cat crabbed her way out and held onto the outside panelling and removed the PADD she had secured within her under tunic. She'd discarded the outer dress uniform once she had entered the EPS hub and had no plans of putting it back on again soon.

She pulled up the system reboots for air circulation and the automated fire system and exhaled..

"Please cross your fingers.... I'm about to reboot..."

Gus, Sally and Peaches all turned to her holding up a hand with their fingers crossed..

Cats hand trembled... "Ok... Here goes something"

She punched the reboot system and closed her eyes.

She opened one and smiled.  "BINGO PEOPLE!"

Hi Miranda,

Please place your application in this thread.

Hi John,

Welcome to The Tenth Fleet.

Please post your application below rather than in the Apply Here.

Welcome Davin Lang. Please place your application below.

Welcome Rojol Takima!

Please post your application below. You can find the template here.

Wrigley's Pleasure Arcades / What Brightened Your Day Today?
« on: April 09, 2021, 10:52:39 am »
With all the sad things that are around us, I think we need to take a moment to reflect on things that make it all tolerable.  So this is a place to post thoughts or images that have brightened your day - so that it can do the same for others.

Today on my walk I had two encounters with the local fauna.

  Deer going through the Tim's drive-thru ...LOL

Deer grazing in museum park.

Character Requests / Character Requests: Explanation and Template
« on: March 29, 2021, 10:21:59 am »
Asking for an NPC or even a fully developed character to join you on your adventures can be an interesting breath of fresh air for any roleplay.
In the interest of keeping things easy to navigate, here is an application sheet you can use to phrase your request.
In either case, please consider keeping your request appropriate to what you are looking for, meaning: If you for example are looking for an old family member, give a little background (History, species, etc), if on the other hand you are looking for a specific duty support - say an OPS officer for example - there is no need to narrow down species or gender.

Here are some basic questions to help the readers know what you are looking for:

APPLICANT: Which character is looking?
STATIONED: What ship/station is the looking character stationed on?
SEARCHING FOR: A general role description of what you are looking for (i.e.: Relative? Assistant? Spouse? Rival? etc…, but also - if needed: Department? Position? Degree? etc.)
OFFICER, ENLISTED, OR CIVILIAN: In case the role requires further description of the character’s career
DURATION: Is the character in question supposed to be a temporary one (say, for a specific mission), or here to stay?

Optional questions:

ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIP TOWARDS THE APPLICANT: For any sort of existing acquaintance requests: What is the chemistry between the character you are looking for and your own? Especially when you are looking for family-type characters, it might be important to give someone who reads your application a little something to work with.
SPECIES: What species is the character you are looking for? (This might be important for relatives in particular.).
GENDER: What gender, if any, does the character in question have?
ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION: What additional description would you like to provide for the physical appearance of the character in question?

DISCORD ID OF THE APPLICANT: You can offer interested players to contact you and discuss/plot things:

(Application Code is Below.  Just copy it and paste it into your post.)

Code: [Select]

Here are some basic questions to help the readers know what you are looking for:

[color=beige][b]SEARCHING FOR:[/b][/color]
[color=beige][b]OFFICER, ENLISTED, OR CIVILIAN:[/b][/color]

Optional questions:

[color=beige][b]ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION:[/b][/color]

[color=beige][b]DISCORD ID OF THE APPLICANT:[/b][/color]

Fleet Applications - Join Here! / Site Rules
« on: March 29, 2021, 01:58:24 am »
Welcome to the 10th Fleet!

The 10th Fleet is all about writing good stories and having fun in the Star Trek universe.  As a consequence, we have crafted what we consider to be a minimum quantity of rules needed to keep things running smoothly. 

1) Have Fun!  Collaborative writing roleplay is all about having fun telling a good story together, under the gentle guidance of a storyteller. 

2) Try not to keep your writing partners waiting.  Every effort should be made to reply to direct tags within 48 hours, and to post at least 2 times in a seven-day period.  Missing these goals occasionally is okay, but if it becomes habitual then have a talk with your sim command staff about the possibility of taking a Leave of Absence until things get less busy for you.  Otherwise, if you don't post within 14 days, your character may be reserved and removed from a sim's roster until you feel ready to return.

3) Don't write the actions of other players' characters, unless you have their permission.  The singular exception to this is that the command staff may assume some actions from unresponsive players merely to the extent needed to move a scene forward.  For example, if waiting for the Transporter Officer to beam a team down, and the player controlling the Transporter Officer doesn't write any actions, it is okay for the command staff to assume the landing party got beamed down.

4) NPC's (Non-player characters) are used to fill necessary positions that player characters aren't available to fill, to fill out personal friends, family, and coworkers who must naturally exist, and as special protagonist and antagonists created by the command staff to help tell a story.  In general, they should not be used to do something that a player character should be doing.  The player characters are meant to be the primary heroes, and they are meant to get most of the glory.  It's okay to make NPC's competent and even occasionally important, but in general the spotlight should be on the PC's, not the NPC's.  If the answer to the question "Could a PC be doing this?" is Yes, then maybe offer the role to a Player character instead.  Most NPC's are usable by any player of the game, although certain special NPCs will be marked as controlled by a particular player (Often used for family members or special storyteller characters.)

5) Avoid the use of real-world foul language beyond what is found in the Original Series.  (Damn or Hell is okay, but f*ck or sh*t should be avoided, for instance.)  If it couldn't be aired on network television, it's probably not appropriate for our games.

6) If you have a complaint or request, submit it up through your chain of command if possible.  First to the Executive Officer, and if the Executive Officer is unresponsive, then to the Commanding Officer.  Allow a couple of days for issues to be resolved unless they are very urgent.  There will also be anonymous surveys every year where players can anonymously describe their satisfaction (or lack thereof) with the game.

7) The Administrators of the site have ultimate authority on what corrective action to take, if any, regarding any complaints or concerns. 

8- Do your best to keep things thematically and technologically appropriate for Star Trek, and to the story being told.  Creativity is welcome, but the impact of unusual choices should be considered.  If you have a character carrying a Colt Peacemaker as their sidearm, or maybe a lightsaber, that is not usually appropriate.  If they are a Vampire, or if they can cast magic spells, they may not be appropriate either.  The command staff of your sim has the ultimate authority on what sorts of species, technology, and other elements are allowed in their game and in the specific story or plot currently unfolding.  If you think your idea may be borderline, check with the command staff.  Also, try not to inject world or plot-changing events without checking first.  Saying that the Klingons started a war with the Romulans, for instance, is something you might want to check before declaring. So is saying that a flotilla of Tholian ships arrives to vanquish an enemy and save the day.  You wouldn't want to derail the story everyone is collaborating on, so if something has the potential for dire impact to the universe or the story being told, check first.   

9) Try not to make posts with less than 50 words in them.  It's okay to occasionally do this, but in general it should be possible to write about your characters observations, feelings, and actions in such a way that responses are longer than just one or two sentences.  If your post is much shorter than this rule, try to flesh it out and give your writing partners something to work with.

10)  Try to help others have fun, too.  If you can help others to achieve their goals or look cool, do so.  Share the glory.  There is plenty for everyone.

Task Group Bravo => Mission Logs & Archives => Katra Station => Holodeck Archives => Topic started by: Rayek trLhoell on November 25, 2019, 05:57:16 am

Title: Stirring up a Hornet's Nest
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on November 25, 2019, 05:57:16 am
NPC Karinne t'Movel        NPC Lared tr'Movel
[Katra Station - Deck 22 - Sickbay]

The commotion in the Sickbay waiting room could be heard all the way down the hall and throughout most of Sickbay itself.  The fiery argument and seemingly non-stop complaints were interrupted only when paused by a bout of coughing.

"I told you I didn't want to come here.  They know nothing about proper Romulan medicines. And you won't find me ..." cough cough... "taking one iota of their foul Federation concoctions!  Just take me back to that prison cell ..." cough cough... "that you call my room.  I'd have been better off on back on Romulus! At least there they know how to treat Romulan ailments."

Lared regarded his mother wearily. The 97 year old, former Sub-Commander of the Romulan Star Navy, was never happy with anything he did.   Had he left his mother in her room as she claimed she would prefer, with only his wife looking after her, Karinne t'Movel - clan head of what was left of the Movel family - would have complained regardless.  She would had argued what was the use of living in the opulence of the Federation with the disgrace of being called a refugee if she couldn't be treated for her ailments by their grand health care system. 

He was damned if he did and damned if he didn't.  At least this way he could rest easy knowing she WAS getting the best of medical care.

"Just have a seat Mother. I will get you registered to see a physician."  Lared placated as he helped his boisterous mother into a waiting room chair.  He avoided looking at the other people waiting in the small room, a bit embarrassed at the unpleasantness of his mother's attitude towards those that had taken them in. 

Once she was seated, he turned to head over to the nurse's desk.  "This chair is hard and uncomfortable!" cough cough "Is this a waiting room or a torture chamber?" 

Lared sighed and attempted a smile towards the nurse.  "Hello... I'd like to have a doctor check over my mother, if possible.  Her name is Karinne t'Movel.  Surname spelled small T, apostrophe, capital M, O, V, E, L.  She's had a slight fever the past day and half and her cough is worsening." he quietly informed the nurse.

Meanwhile the bitter Romulan former Sub-Commander was looking over the other people in the room with an air of arrogance.  Her dark blue eyes glittering angrily and with apparent malice.  "I used to order raids on poorly defended places like this."

Lared's eyes widened, hearing his mother's boast.  While not a lie, it certainly wasn't appropriate information to be sharing.  "Mother! Silence! Are you trying to attract the attention of the station's security?  Do you want to spend your time ailing in the station's brig?  Think of how your words make it harder on your grandchildren before you speak again!" he admonished turning around and offering apologetic looks towards the other waiting patients.

The nurse assessed the situation and rather than calling security, she called the best doctor to handle this situation.  =/\= "Doctor Moreno, I realize you aren't scheduled to see patients currently but do you have a moment to spare to see to one?  We have a disruptive Romulan patient - no not the Commander" =/\= 

The nurse smiled slightly at the humorous idea of the Commander acting that disruptively.  =/\= "I thought perhaps a doctor able to speak at least some of her native language might put her at ease." =/\=

Title: Re: Stirring up a Hornet's Nest
Post by: Tess tLhoell on November 25, 2019, 03:52:44 pm
Lt. Cmdr. Tess Moreno
[Katra Station - Deck 22 - CMO office] (Mid November)

Tess had scheduled herself a week of paperwork. Mere paperwork. She had a lot to catch up. The past few weeks sickbay had been extraordinarily busy and the rest of the time Tess often was distracted by arranging or planning things for her wedding. Plus, lately she had started to feel extremely tired. She assumed the stress - even if it was exciting and positive stress - of planning the wedding and getting everything arranged was getting to her. She wouldn't say she lacked sleep but obviously her body thought otherwise.

So here she was, sitting at the desk behind a pile of PADDs to check, reports to write, files to maintain. It wasn't her favorite part of the job but definitely a part she had to do. So the nurses' call wasn't really unwelcome to distract her from her work.

When she heard there was a disruptive Romulan in sickbay she instantly thought of Rayek, though at the same time she dismissed the notion as nonsense as the nurse assured her of that as well. Tess smiled briefly along with the nurse before her face became a little concerned.  =/\= "Thank you, Relana. I will be with you in second. Moreno out." =/\=

Tess locked her computer before she got up from the desk to leave her office and walk the short way to the reception area. It was easy to see who the persons in question seemed to be - she immediately spotted an elderly Romulan woman sitting in one of the seats and a Romulan male - maybe her son? - standing close to her. Also, almost everyone in the reception area was either glancing subtly or staring openly at the pair.

As Tess entered the reception area, suppressing a yawn, she glanced over to nurse Relana with a subtle questioning look. Relana got up to speak to Tess briefly.

"Mrs. t'Movel and her son came here because she suffers from fever and worsening coughing. Mr. tr'Movel asked for her to see a doctor. However, his mother bragged with some military related rather offending statements. She doesn't seem to really trust us" she concluded.

Tess nodded slowly. "Thank you. I will take care of this."
Bracing herself inwardly for a difficult patient Tess then turned to the Romulan pair with a warm smile. "Jolan'tru, lhhei", she said quietly to the old woman, thinking it might be respectful to greet the older person first, plus knowing that the women were the clan heads and that the older they were the more important they were probably. Along with the greeting she bowed her head slightly for a second. "Taeth 'nhqh 'hh Tess Moreno." Tess' Romulan was far from perfect, but she had been practicing a lot and asked Rayek to speak Romulan to her more often so she would learn it quicker. "I am the doctor. Maenek."
She then turned to the Romulan male who she now knew was the son. "Jolan'tru", she greeted him too.

"The nurse informed me that you would like to see a doctor for your ailment", she prompted cautiously.


lhhei - Madam (semi-formal)
Taeth 'nhqh 'hh - My name is
Maenek - doctor

Title: Re: Stirring up a Hornet's Nest
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on November 30, 2019, 05:27:30 am
( NPC Karinne t'Movel       ( Lared tr'Movel
[Katra Station - Deck 22 - Sickbay]

Karinne scowled at her spineless fvai of a son after he dared use her grand-children to enforce for her silence.  She hated it here among her enemies.  Though she may not be bound by chains or kept within a prison cell she felt the weight of her imprisonment nonetheless.   Lared and her grand-children - Tordel, Cemee and Jinsux were all the family she had left.  She had tried to order her son to remain in Romulan space but he was swayed far too much by that  ryak'na wife of his.

Her angry thoughts were abruptly cut off when she heard a proper Rihannsu greeting.  She looked up to see one of the Federation doctors smiling to her, as she addressed her.. and not her son like so many here liked to do.   The woman then introduced herself - again in Rihannsu as Tess Moreno... and a doctor.

Karinne's expression darkened to hear her language so butchered by Federation ryak'na.  Then it dawned on her who this woman was, and she laughed a rasping cackle that took most of the air from her lungs.  It was draining to talk afterwards but she forced herself to it.

"Ecimae hwiiy na vang'radam's amton'wi-kha nvaihr."

News of the Romulan Commander's wedding wasn't only talked about by the stations' crew but it was quite common knowledge by it's civilian occupants as well.  There were actually many rumors about the Romulan Commander - most of which made Karinne distrust this place more than if the station had just been overseen by Vulcans alone.  The combination Vulcan Captain and Romulan Commander just made things so much worse.

"Urru Areinnye!" she spat venomously.

Lared gasped in shock at her words. "Mother!" he reprimanded, but Karinne didn't care. 

Suddenly a coughing fit took hold of her.  She coughed and coughed so fiercely it felt as if her ribs would crack.  Her vision began to darkened as she felt the last of her air give out on her.  Finally! The Elements would take her from this vile place!

"Mother? Mother! Please help her!"

She could dimly hear her son pleading with the enemy to save her.  Where had she gone wrong raising him?

fvai - worm
ryak'na - garbage, trash
Ecimae hwiiy na vang'radam's amton'wi-kha nvaihr - So you are the traitor's promiscuous woman (whore)
Urru Areinnye - Go to Hell

Title: Re: Stirring up a Hornet's Nest
Post by: Tess tLhoell on December 01, 2019, 01:09:15 pm
Lt. Cmdr. Tess Moreno
[Katra Station - Deck 22 - Sickbay]

Tess had been hoping that, if addressed in her own mother tongue, the old Romulan woman would be somewhat mollified. Her reactions were a bit contradicting, at first her expression darkened but then the woman broke out in a raspy fit of laughter. Tess wasn't sure why she was laughing, it was possible she mispronounced the Romulan phrase; that would be slightly embarrassing but if it made the woman laugh, it was the better outcome than having her ranting and raving.

Whatever Tess had been bracing herself for when she had approached the woman, what the Romulan female now said hit her like she would have ran against a wall. Tess' Romulan of course wasn't well enough for her to initially understand what the woman said, but the universal translator provided the translation for her. Whore?! She would dare calling her that in the middle of a packed waiting room? Why would she even say that?

Tess struggled to keep her face straight and not give her the satisfaction to see the shock and hurt she felt. And she did feel it. It hit her to the very core and she couldn't remember if she ever felt that embarrassed.
While Tess' mind was working to think of a proper reply, the woman spat for her to go to hell, which made Tess clenching her jaw to compose herself.

That woman was eaten up by her own bitterness.

Her son at least seemed to try and put his mother in her place, but before any of them could come up with a solution to the problem, the Romulan woman broke down from a coughing fit that seemed to drain all air from her lungs.

Tess was instantly at her side to support her and prevent her from sliding off the chair. "Relana, is exam room 1 vacant?", Tess asked, urgency in her voice.

"Yes, Commander", the nurse replied.

"Please help me bringing her to the exam room", Tess said to Lared and helped supporting the woman to bring her into the exam room.

The doors closed behind them and they managed to lay the woman on the bio bed, which immediately on her bio readings. Tess pulled a mask over Karinne's face to provide her with pure oxygen to help her breathe. Then she turned away and prepared a hypo spray with vial that contained oxymetazyline that would help detumescent her airways if there was something that obstructed her breathing.

"Since when is she suffering from the coughing and fever?", Tess asked Lared as she glanced up at the monitor to check especially the readings for the woman's lungs. Being in doctor mode she pushed the bad insults the woman had thrown at her in the back of her mind.

Help Files / HELP: Rank and Promotion
« on: March 28, 2021, 08:48:32 pm »
HELP: Rank and Promotion


One of the things that make writing in a sim like this so enjoyable is the character building.  Hand in hand with character building, in a semi-military organization, comes rank and promotion.

Currently in the 10th Fleet we have both Enlisted crew and Commissioned officer ranks these are:


Lieutenant, junior grade
Lieutenant Commander
Rear Admiral
Vice Admiral


Crewman, 3rd Class
Crewman, 2nd Class
Crewman, 1st Class
Petty Officer, 3rd Class
Petty Officer, 2nd Class
Petty Officer, 1st Class
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Promotion up through the ranks is not as simple as a post count or a time-served, though both certainly play into the process. 
What 10th Fleet Command Level Officers (CLO's) will be considering more is Player Merit and Sim Need.

Player Merit is based on a number of factors, including:

Posting regularly and in ways that help move the story forward
  • writing mission posts that involve and tag other players rather than playing solo
  • 'posting regularly' means: posting to tags in a timely manner or advancing the plot where and when appropriate with ideally a 3 post per week minimum unless a Leave of Absence (LOA) is requested in advance.
Contributing to the site out of missions 
  • offering suggestions for site improvement
  • assisting with new members - welcoming answering questions you are knowledgeable about)
  • submitting mission ideas
  • responding to votes when polls are posted
Working well with others
  • Showing respect in all OOC and IC messages (OOC as it is part of our Site and Discord Rules)  (IC because it is difficult to justify promotion if your character has been talking back to his superior and nothing but a disruption.  IC actions will play a part of the promotion process)
(It should be noted that with promotion also comes DEMOTION. IC actions might at some point necessitate a temporary demotion of rank depending on the severity of the infraction - so be mindful of IC consequences)
  • Observing the Chain of Command  (Chain of command:  Crew > Department Head > Executive Officer > Commanding Officer)
  • Join in holodecks to build stronger character bonds
Showing initiative
  • If there are personal plots you would like to see added, approach the CLO team of your sim to work out ways of doing so constructively
  • Have your character offer suggestions and take action where appropriate
  • Begin holodecks of scenes with fellow players
  • Posting your LOA in advance of you being noted as absent by other players

Sim Need is based solely on what positions and ranks within a department are available. 

Ideally each department should have no more than 3 personnel, with no more than 1 Lt Commander or higher within each department.

Switching to/from Enlisted to Commissioned:

It is possible to switch from one group to another.  One simply need contact his or her Commanding Officer or XO and ask to have it done.  But this should be done infrequently.

The administrators of Tenth Fleet may authorize some player characters to start at a rank higher than 'Crewman' or 'Ensign' to fulfil specific sim needs.  This is done on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the administrators.  This process was primarily used at the formation of the Fleet to obviate Ensigns from needing to command starships under general circumstance, which would stretch premise credibility.  When new sim-ships or station opportunities are subsequently made available, the administrators are likely to employ this exception again, for the same reasons.

This HELP file will be updated as needed to answer any future questions.

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Title: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 15, 2018, 11:35:50 pm
Prompt -  Sacrifice

SCPO Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Challenger - NCO Quarters - Deck 5]

Rayek read through the electronic notification from Starfleet Command for the twelfth time - and yet still was disbelieving of it's message.  This had to be some mistake or prank.  But every check Rayek ran on the letter and it's source came back as verified.  He covered his gaping mouth with a hand that shook slightly in excitement.  A a commissioned officer... and not to some low level Ensign.   Starfleet was finally recognizing his skills!

There was just one catch.  To receive the promotion he had to accept a transfer to a newly built starbase in the Gamma Quadrant.

Some might need time to think over the offer and it's impact.  Not Rayek.  He was experienced enough to realize that opportunities like this did not come along often.   While a transfer to a starbase might seem a bit of a sacrifice -  giving up what was fond and familiar such as close friends and amazing shipmates - Rayek knew he had to accept.  He had sacrificed far more on his path to this point  - family, home, even his precious loyalty to the Empire -  and now with his goal within in sight, there was nothing that would hold the Romulan back. 

(OOC feel free to post your own characters reaction to their transfer orders.  However please wait until your transfer has been fully approved.)

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Solluk on September 17, 2018, 03:42:16 am
USS Challenger - SCPO Rayek tr'Lhoell's Quarters

Solluk hesitated outside the quarters of the Senior Chief. 

Well... Senior Chief no longer.   Rayek had done very well in his Officer Candidacy training, and his extensive experience in service had not been ignored.  Soon he would be not only an officer, but among the most senior of officers at a distant posting. 

So the time had come to bid farewell to the Challenger's recent Chief of Tactical and Security.

Yet Solluk wasn't sure if they had developed the sort of working relationship that would make a visitation welcome, even if it was from the ship's XO.  Rayek had always been eminently professional, and that came with a certain professional distance.  Solluk had not done much to close that distance, despite the occasional felt impulse to do so. 

But Solluk had been down this path before.  Now, having fostered such an advancement for another, he felt a certain pride in and kinship with the man.

So here was a Vulcan, standing in the corridor of a Starfleet ship, coming to wish a Romulan the best of luck on a new command level assignment.

Perhaps the Galaxy had a sense of humor.

He reached out to touch the door chime with his right hand.   In his left, he clutched a long wrapped package with oddly shaped ends, nearly as tall as Solluk himself.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jeric Th'Zan on September 18, 2018, 09:55:16 am
[Starfleet Command - San Francisco - Earth]

Jeric Th'Zan relished his position as a civilian. He never had to attend formations, stand at attention, or show up anywhere on time. Officially, if his service to Starfleet could be categorized as such, his position was that of an adviser. There were a few others like him: mostly non-humans who had something to offer. Criminals, code breakers, social outcasts. There were even a few very hush hush former military officers, the kind of people who had done unspeakable things, but Starfleet still needed them. It amused Jeric to no end: the idealistic utopia of the Federation employing a former deserter like himself. At the end of the day, they were just hypocrites who did what they deemed necessary, like any other government.

"Officer Th'Zan?" The pretty young admin assistant said, breaking into his thoughts.

"That's me, gorgeous," Jeric said in a breezy tone. He stood. He was wearing a crisp business suit, the one concession he always made to Admiral McGavin. That, and his lack of a weapon. After a lifetime of carrying one Jeric always felt out of place without it. He supposed that was the good admiral's way of keeping him off balance. The human bureaucrat would have been better off severing one of his antenna. Jeric was just as dangerous without a weapon as with one. He might have been in his fifth decade but his body was still strong and fit, though wiry in build. A dad bod, humans called it.

The admin assistant wasn't impressed by his words or his body. She sighed, used to his tone and disrespect and every other adviser she had to deal with. She buzzed him in.

[Admiral McGavin's Office]

The admiral certainly looked the part, Jeric had to give him that. Even with his chair turned around to face the splendor of San Francisco, McGavin had a depth of presence and a magnetism. An allure. His office also faced the sun at this time of day, and Jeric found himself squinting as he approached the desk. An old tactic, but it worked.

He glanced idly around, not announcing his presence. McGavin liked stone: furniture, sconces on the pre-fab walls. Stone was what he likened himself to. A replica of a paleolithic age throwing stick adorned one wall on a plaque. A Roman scourge on another. An abstract painting depicting a battle on the third. Not for the first time, Jeric was struck by what an odd man his handler was.

The chair swiveled about, catching Jeric off guard. A man sat in it, not so tall as him, but far wider. His uniform stretched around his frame as if someone had wallpapered a refridgeration unit. He had a gaudy blonde mustache with a soul patch, intense dark eyes, dyed blonde hair. It all was to servce as a distraction for his craggy, lined, scarred face. Scarred too were the square palmed, wide hands that were clasped in front of him on the desk. They looked dangerous, flowed upwards into thick wrists, forearms, biceps to shoulders, all of it corded with an obscene amount of muscle for a man so old. Before he had reached the dubious rank of admiral in Starfleet Intel, the gossip around the replicator was that McGavin had been a dockside thug. Jeric could believe it.

"You're late, officer." The voice sounded like a stone, too, one shattering multiple times as it tumbled down a craggy cliff face.

"I'd say court martial me, but I don't think that'd get you very far." Jeric said with a smirk.

"You know our ways of dealing with wayward advisers, and if you don't, you're a willing fool." McGavin told him, dark eyes unwavering.

Jeric did. It was a subject he would love to change, so he said, "You have an assignment for me?"

In response, McGavin laid a PADD on the desk, and beckoned Jeric forward with a shovel like hand. He kept one sausage like finger on the PADD, nailing it to the surface. His eyes were locked onto the Andorian.

Antennae tilted back in apprehension, Jeric approached. He held out a hand to take the PADD, and found he couldn't remove it from the old admiral's single digit grip. He tugged a bit harder, frowned.

"Can I--"

"This one is a permanent assignment, Th'Zan," McGavin rumbled. "For a flag officer. Not one like me, either. Command. Admiral Rellek. You know the name?"

"Vaguely," Jeric said. "Science officer?"

"Used to be, now she's an admiral. So mind your Ps and Qs."

The Andorian frowned. He hated human idioms, especially those in English. So confusing. He hadn't grown up dealing with humans steadily until a few years back. Well, Commander Cole was human, but was as much a spacer as he was. And McGavin always used slang to confuse him. But in general the admiral's message could usually be boiled down to: Do your job and don't make an utter balls up out of it or I'll break you in half. Jeric could live with that.

"Location?" The Andorian asked.

"Gamma Quadrant."

"Gamma?!" Jeric asked in a disdainful voice.

"You heard me. Starbase Katra. You're to keep an eye on things out there and perform whatever task they set before you."

"I'll have my own office and department, right?"

"You'll have whatever Admiral Rellek gives you. No more, no less."

"You expect me to scrub the deuterium tanks or clean up the mess?!"

"If that's what she wants. After your last assignment on Rigel you're lucky to have this at all."

"Why don't you just throw me out the nearest airlock?!" Jeric wailed. He could see it already: the stuffy admiral, pup cadets, no luxuries of any kind. What kind of starbase could they haul through the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant, anyway?

"I've been sorely tempted, and no one'd miss you."

"You might. I've made your career so far. Maybe it's time for a promotion?"

"Don't push your luck, old man, it'll run out." McGavin lifted his finger and handed over the PADD. "Your travel itinerary and orders. Off you go."

Great, Jeric thought as he snatched the PADD away from the admiral's big, dangerous hands. Some infested starbase in an obscure sliver of the galaxy. The Gamma Quadrant! What kind of ragtag crew has Starfleet thrown together for this farce?

Apparently, him, and a few other unlucky souls.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Julia Rellek on September 22, 2018, 01:58:26 am
[Admiral Rellek's Office
Jupiter Station - Sol System]

As Julia packed a few remaining things she couldn't help but to look fondly at the time she had spent in her small office buried deep on Jupiter Station. She always knew it was a temporary home but it had given her a nice quiet place to work on research while advancing the Omega projects she had been working on for years. In her time there they had successfully made modifications to the directive to make it stronger than ever and gained a better understanding of the power and beauty of the dangerous molecule. As her final classified PADDs went into the secure case she looked around the room one last time.

"How could i forget you?" She mumbled to her self with a small grin as she noticed the old beat up tin coffee mug on her desk. It was Starfleet standard issue from the tempest but it had been through a lot with her. As she picked up the mug memories flooded with it. She ran her hand over a small dent near the top of the handle. It was a clear as her hand in front of her; she could see the mug falling from a spot near her chair aboard the Tempest during the final battle with the Tzenkethi. She smiled as she recollected K'Lizh's rant regarding the stain it created on the carpet of the bridge. On the bottom of the mug was another dent along with a black scuff mark where it had fallen from the side of the Harmonic Resonance Chamber aboard the Challenger. With a warm smile from the stories the cup held she placed it in a small bag along with a few other personal belongings and turned as she started to exit the office. Her love for cosmology and the cosmos had littered the office in the forms of books and other personal effects however, the office had transformed back into a clean and sterile environment for its next inhabitant.

"Computer, lights off." She said as she passed through the doors and headed for the docking bay. It would be a long trip to Deep Space 9 followed by a quick jaunt through the wormhole and onto the next chapter in the young Admirals life.

[To Be Continued]

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Title: Face-to-Face with Lt. Hrafn Falleg - 11:00 AM (COMPLETED)
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 27, 2018, 04:39:26 pm
    Lt Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
    [Katra Station - Briefing Room - 10:50]

    Rayek returned to the briefing room following a quick visit to the head.  Too much coffee in the past 2 hours, more than he was normally used to drinking while on shift, had him urgently needing to relieve himself.  He might have unintentionally rushed through his last meeting with Lt. Regenkov.  As he sat down to do a quick write up of the meeting highlights, he made a note to place her next meeting at a better time to give her his full attention next time.

    The chime on his PADD sounded - 5 minutes til the next appointment. The Katra's Romulan XO saved the notes, encrypted, and shut down the computer - its screen and keypad folding into the meeting room table.  Rayek looked to his empty coffee cup with a slight grimace.  Maybe he'd go with water for this meeting.

    He opened his PADD to the security camera footage and watched for the next appointment to arrive.

Title: Re: Face-to-Face with Lt. Hrafn Falleg - 11:00 AM
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on September 28, 2018, 02:16:33 pm
    [Hrafn's Temporary Quarters - Starbase Katra]

    Hrafn sighed, the twins had been uber clingy this morning wanting them rather than Crista to give them their baths and get them dressed.

    Crista had tried bless her distracting them enough for her to throw on her uniform and drag a brush through her pre-Raphelite like titian locks.

    She threw herself out of the door, casting an apologetic mixed with eternally grateful look at Crista over her shoulder who nodded with understanding and flashed her a reassuring smile.  It was only then that she noticed the slight stain from baby pureed food on her left shoulder.

    "Damn it Lemar, of all the days you do that, it had to be the day when I'm meeting the new XO.  Well he may as well get used to the fact that I'm a mother I guess!"

    Walking and putting her pips in at the same time she made her way to the office that Lt. Cmdr Rayek was using.

    Arriving at the same at precisely 10.55 Hrafn pushed back a stray hair, pulled her already immaculate bar the baby puke stain uniform straight and palmed the chime, and waited.

Title: Re: Face-to-Face with Lt. Hrafn Falleg - 11:00 AM
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 28, 2018, 04:15:54 pm
    Lt Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
   [Katra Station - Briefing Room]

    He opened his PADD to the security camera footage and watched for the next appointment to arrive.

    He didn't have to wait at all, the security screen opened at just about the same time as the door chime sounded.  On the video feed he could see a red-headed Trill waiting patiently for a response to her chime.  He liked it when his staff was on time and early was even better.  He closed the PADD and set it aside as he called out.  "Enter."

    Rayek stood up from his seat to greet the Lieutenant.  As he stood, he took an assessing look over the woman.  Still quite young for being the mother of 4, Rayek found the Lieutenant to be quite attractive.  Her hair reminded him of Liz's vibrant color.

    Distracted somewhat by her hair and the spottings along her face and neck, Rayek nearly missed seeing the spit-up that her youngest must have gifted her with.  When he did note it, he was again reminded of Liz and young Alys.  It brought a smile to his face and Rayek suddenly seemed to look forward to this meeting more than he had the previous few.

    "Welcome, Lieutenant.  I am Lt Commander Rayek tr'Lhoell.  Please have a seat."  He gestured vaguely to any spot within the room.

    Quote from: Rayek trLhoell on September 26, 2018, 06:01:42 am

        Rayek had prepared the briefing room for these face-to-face meetings by rearranging the room so that the only chairs easily accessible were those at the three around the head of the table.  The head chair itself (his - unless of course the Admiral chose to join in for the 'report in') and the chairs nearest the head on both sides of the table - one window that looked towards the door, the other door side which looked towards the window.  A fourth chair - more of a stool actually - was set along the wall beside the door.

        Observing which chair, a person would select, often spoke much about a person. Did they move a chair nearer to the conversation or slide it back to give themselves more personal space.  Did they tend to want a position from which they could view the entire or remain close to the door for a quick escape... these were all tells... and Rayek was pulling out all the stops in his attempt get to know his staff in as thorough a way possible.

    As she sat, he moved towards the room's replicator to get himself that water to replace his coffee with.  "Would you care for something to drink? My throat is rather dry after 2 hrs of these introductory meetings."

Title: Re: Face-to-Face with Lt. Hrafn Falleg - 11:00 AM
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on September 29, 2018, 05:30:27 pm

    [Corridor outside briefing room]

    Hrafn smiled as she heard the Romulan Lt. Commander call out the word 'Enter'

    Brushing imaginary fluff off her tunic she stepped through the door.

     As she sat, he moved towards the room's replicator to get himself that water to replace his coffee with.  "Would you care for something to drink? My throat is rather dry after 2 hrs of these introductory meetings."

   [Briefing Room]

    "Thank you Commander, pleased to meet you too."  As she moved to take the seat closer to the window at the top of the table she was asked about a drink. "Oh, yes... Ratkajino, black no sugar please.  Some mornings no matter how early I get up sometimes I think I'll never get the children organised and to duty on time, but I always do..." she hastened to add with a grin, "...not least due to the awesomeness of my nanny and the power of Ratkajino!  Do you have any preference to which seat I take?  I wasn't sure if the Admiral might be present or... as for your throat, may I recommend Pyrellian ginger tea, the ginger helps, otherwise sweetened Jumja tea, both are good iced too, they soothe the throat.  I have one or the other when I have to do performance interviews."

    She smiled "I never made it to Executive Officer previously but I have served as CSO on the USS Chin'Toka and jointly with my husband, now Captain Tekin Nevir, when we were together on the USS Challenger, I'm guessing there's a lot more 'paper' work!"

Title: Re: Face-to-Face with Lt. Hrafn Falleg - 11:00 AM
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 29, 2018, 06:23:02 pm
    Lt Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
    [Katra Station - Briefing Room]

    Rayek ordered the Lieutenant's ratkajino to her specifications as she went on about her children and nanny.  As expected, her family was one of the first things she spoke about.  It was a common trait among mothers with small children.

    When she inquired about a seat, he smiled and looked back towards her "Unfortunately, the Admiral is unavailable to attend these meetings, so feel free to take any seat you like."

    Her order of ratkajino, was a drink that he wasn't familiar with - but found the aroma intriguing as it appeared on the replicator tray.  He was about to consider giving it a try instead of the water, when Lt Falleg suggested something else that might help with a dry throat.  "Jumja tea, iced." he ordered from the replicator and then after it's appearance he gave the drink a brief taste and found it pretty good.  "Thank you Lieutenant'  He carried over the ratkajino to her at her chosen seat and then took his own at the head of the table facing her across the corner.

    "Yes, there is certainly more paperwork  -  more paperwork than I'm accustomed to at least." he agreed with her statement, giving a slight chuckle.

    "So, the purpose of this meeting is to just get to know one another a bit.  I'd enjoy hearing more about your children...if that's okay.   You have 4, yes?  But I noticed that your transfer to Katra only listed the three youngest as traveling with you.  Is your eldest with her father?" Rayek paused to let her answer his questions and to sip at his tea.

Title: Re: Face-to-Face with Lt. Hrafn Falleg - 11:00 AM
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on September 30, 2018, 09:57:37 am

    [Briefing Room]

    Hrafn smiled, accepting the ratkajino and noting with pleasure that the Lt. Cmdr ordered iced jumja tea!

    'So this XO takes on board the suggestions of others, I like that!' she thought to herself.

    Regarding the question of her children Rayek couldn't have asked a better one, it was one of the subjects she freely and happily chatted about all the time.

    "Certainly Commander!  I'll answer your question about my eldest first - That's Ruthie, simply because she is that much older than my other 3 and separate in other ways too."

    The Trill took a sip of her ratkajino then continued.

    "You see, I suppose I should be totally honest and up front with you since it's on my files anyhow and I'd rather start on the right foot with you.  Basically, Ruthie is my child from a previous relationship, one I had briefly with Christian Grix."

    A small frown crossed her face with the memory of Grix.

    "She was kidnapped as a baby from her foster home because of something her father had supposedly stolen from her kidnappers, once he returned that, they would return her.  Her name currently is Ruthie Marie Falleg-Grix, however upon entering the academy she wanted to take on her Stepfather's name, they are very close.  There is a long story behind that and concerning the kidnapping and her rescue, which I'm more than happy to chat about some other time but from what you were saying you have a lot of these 'meet and greet' meetings to get through, however, I'd like to meet with you in down time and chat over a drink sometime if that's agreeable with you and tell you the whole story."

    Hrafn liked the XO already and just hoped that he agreed with the idea.

    "After we rescued her from the Cardassians, part of that very long story, she did spend some time with her Dad - that is Nevir - she doesn't call him anything else and it's the only father figure she's ever had. Mostly because he understood her aversion to Cardassians and managed to teach her that not all of them are bad.  She's 14 and already a budding Xenolinguist.  She speaks Terran, Cardassian, and Bajoran fluently without the need of a Universal Translator."

    She took a good glug of her coffee and smiled.  "I think it's safe to say she's going to end up in Science as she doesn't want to do anything else."

    Shrugging slightly she smiled

    "I actually think the only one of the 4 so far that shows absolutely no delight in scientific things is Tidu.  He's the male twin.  I had those two within 8 months of marrying Nevir.  It was strange.  Everyone thought since I was half human that I'd been erm.. well that the twins weren't premature.  Actually they were by about 2 months see I'm half human, half-Trill, and a smattering of something else, I don't know, I never knew my father.  I'm the youngest and my relationship with my mother never was the best.  And of course Nevir is Bajoran.  The gestation period was a little scrambled to say the least but I most certainly conceived on our 1 day honeymoon.  We were serving together on the Chin'Toka, and both got promoted, he was transferred... I think it was to the Fleetwood as their CSO and I continued on the Chin'Toka as the same.  It was on the Britannia, or the Challenger, I can't really remember... I ended up as a kind of joint CSO with him, tho I took a rank reduction he was technically head but never operated that way, I was in charge of Anthropology.  And we were attacked, I ended up in Sickbay helping out there and well having the twins - Tidu was breach, kinda in the right place for it!"

    Hrafn chuckled.   "If you're gonna have a double birth with complications in the middle of a fire-fight, I guess Sickbay is the place to do it!!  So yes we have Tidu and Nerys who are coming up 4, - actually next month.  I wonder if I can organise a small party for them..." she mused.

    "Finally you have Lemar, named for my father in law, the baby of the family who is 18 months, born..."  Hrafn actually grinned in memory, "... in a gorgeous bedroom in comfort in the home of my in-laws on Bajor.  Nevir knew that I'd had a hard time, I didn't have my mother around, and personally wouldn't want her so he packed me off to the safety and care of Coardi - my darling mother in law, with the twins.  Seconded to the Bajoran Archaeological Society, translating their ancient stones, or more specifically especially when I became too large to clamber over diggings they took images of everything and sent over to my PADD, I could have my feet up, drink iced tea and do my work with Coardi fussing around me like a mother hen and the twins having some lovely quality time with their grandparents.  And importantly to Nevir - in safety.  The 3 children I have by Nevir have both the nasal ridges and the spots.  They are so cute!  Oh wait...I can show you!"

    She took a long swig on her drink, pulled a slightly dog-eared picture of all of them from her tunic pocket, along with the ever present square of folded paper, a stub of pencil and the silver pip which had been Nevir's.

    Lingering over it a little she smiled thinking, ' Ah ja'lat!, You've come a long way from this eh, Captain Tekin?!'

    She didn't comment on the other items as she found them all part of her 'pocket stuff', but passed over the picture of herself seated, with Nevir standing behind her right shoulder, Ruthie, a smaller carbon copy of her mother with the Trill markings but with the brown eyes of Grix rather than the green eyes of her mother, beside him almost as tall, Nerys standing clutching her Daddy's hand, Tidu sat on Hrafn's left knee and Lamar just a babe in arms. All the junior children had the nasal ridges and spots, Nerys and Lamar both had the sandy brown hair of Nevir.  Only Tidu had the ginger red hair of his mother, even more orange than hers.  All three had her green eyes.

    Beaming with motherly pride and the slightly wistful look at her beloved husband, she handed it over, then carefully put back the other items, lingering a second or two longer than strictly necessary over the silver pip.

    "That's about a year old but they haven't changed much bar the fact that the twins are about 4 inches taller, Lamar is almost walking and twice the size but you know how babies grow, you no sooner get that cute outfit that they 'might grow into' and they've grown right through that size without them wearing it! And Ruthie is becoming ah... more noticeably a young woman!  Ruthie, as I said is more than likely going to be a Scientist, Nerys at 4 is a bright little girl and already asking about stars and planets and quite good at languages however I think she's going to take after her Daddy and be a Stellar Cartographer.  Tidu just likes taking things apart, he hasn't quite got the hang of putting things together again yet but maybe he's going to take after his godfather - Savar 'Spots' Dorran.  He's an engineer.  And while I now follow the teachings of the Prophets, the 'godfather' thing is a hang over from my Aunt 'Em on Earth, rest her soul!"

    She stammered into silence. "Sorry I do tend to ramble on about the kids, they're the most important thing in my life.  My duty and my husband are sort of secondary, not that I let them affect my work at all, it's just my enthusiasm to talk about them!  Do you have any children Commander thLhoell?"

    She made a credible attempt at pronouncing his family name - it came out more like "Thl-Ow-Ell" than 'Th-Low-Ell' but she tried, and expected correction so she could better herself.

    "I'm sorry if I mispronounced that, Romulan is not one of my more proficient languages but I'm willing to learn.  Rather like Lamar and his attempts in eating solids and walking!  Constantly trying bless him."

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Title: Face-to-Face with Lt Tanibak - 9:30 AM (Incomplete)
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 27, 2018, 04:01:06 pm
    Lt Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
    [Katra Station - Briefing Room - 09:25]

    A chime from his PADD alerted Rayek - 5 minutes ahead - of his next appointment.  Rayek quickly finished typing out his notes from the previous meeting on the desk computer.  When he was done he encrypted the file and closed down the computer, it's screen and keypad folding down into the meeting room table cleanly.

    The Romulan then picked up the PADD and opened up the security camera feed to observe outside the door.  He had briefly considered carrying with him a hidden weapon during this meeting, but knew that went against Starfleet regulations.  Having trained under the other officer for a short while, Rayek was mostly certain that Tanibak wouldn't try anything direct right then.

    No, if the man was true to his Tal'Shiar training he would likely deny any remaining ties to the Empire in an attempt the to lull Rayek into a false sense of safety, and might even make a bid for camaraderie given their similar situation as defectors to the Empire.  Rayek smirked - it was time to see if the student had learned to outsmart the teacher.

Title: Re: Face-to-Face with Lt Tanibak - 9:30 AM
Post by: Tanibak Black on September 30, 2018, 02:28:20 pm
    Tanibak had heard rumors that his new superior might be a Romulan aboard Katra Station, but he hadn't bothered to look too far into it. Afterall, he had assumed, what did he have to worry about from a fellow Starfleet officer? Besides that, his duties as a Security Officer on Starbase Columbus had kept him quite busy. While some acted as if the oncoming end of an assignment was cause for relaxation and slacking off, he had a different opinion, doing his best to leave a good reputation of being dependable.

    He straightened his tunic as he stepped through the doorway, eyeing the short hallway and a desk manned by a young Yeoman. Behind the Yeoman, who was only here temporarily while the station was being staffed, was the door leading to the Executive Officer's office. What made him pause was the name he saw across the top of the door: Rayektr'Lhoell. He recomposed for just a second, and then he apptoached the Yeoman. "I have an appointment to see the Commander."

    The Yeoman checked her terminal which bore a schedule, and nodded. "He's expecting you, go on in." Tanibak nodded in gratitude, and then stood up straighter than normal as he stepped into the office and saluted Lt. Commander Rayek. "Permission to enter the office, sir."

Title: Re: Face-to-Face with Lt Tanibak - 9:30 AM
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 30, 2018, 07:11:21 pm
    Lt Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
    [Katra Station - Briefing Room]

    Rayek had watched the other Romulan's approach via the security camera that pointed down the hall, and noted the moment when Tanibak had spotted the temporary name plate.  Oh?  So the station's Romulan chief of security hadn't done even the most basic of checks on his superiors ahead of time?  That was odd.

    Rayek set aside his PADD and looked up as the door to the briefing room - the room that he was using as his office for these introductory meetings - slid open and allowed Tanibak entrance.  The other Romulan - Rayek's once former superior - now stepped in and saluted him in standard Starfleet fashion. The sight was almost comical to Rayek - but the Katra's XO didn't so much as smile.

    Slowly he stood and acknowledged the salute with one in return motioning the man inside.  "Permission granted, Mr..." he hesitated a moment. "Do you prefer Black or Tanibak?"

    With barely waiting for Tanibak's response, Rayek continued on.  "Take a seat Lieutenant. We should re-familiarize ourselves.  It has been quite sometime since we last 'knew' one another and much has changed.  Wouldn't you agree?"


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